Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Bavaria Les Acacias Hotel in Djibouti once started as a very nice hotel. In the meantime many things have changed.
The Bavaria Hotels International management has moved out. That is an interesting story in itself which I will refer to in the future.
The Owner, well known in Djibouti, Hussein Mahmaoud, or otherwise well known simply as Mr. Kamaj, well he is a crook.
He is using his political influence mostly.
Nevertheless he is a real crook.
The hotel is getting worse and worse. The hygene in the kittchen...well I rather do not speak about that one, if you do not wish do get sick, simply do not go there....
Unfortunately hygene controls are not really usual over there.
The hotel used to be well managed, but now it is simply beyond acceptable.
That is happening when you try to do something you have no clue about.
And of course no money...several suppliers have been unpaid until now, including suppliers who did help when the hotel was constructed and fitted out.
Employees have not been paid in full and if you are looking for a ob there, better stay away as you never know how long you will be paid and kept there...
The owner has a lot of money abroad, real estate in Paris, but is not paying his suppliers.
Well then again it is Africa, what should one expect.
He is changing banks all the time as he is unable to keep his financial commitments.
It is actually ridiculous, that he still is finding banks to believe him, but again he is using his political influence.
Bavaria International has cancelled their contract with him as he did not pay them either.
That they are a fake and scammers is on an entirely different scenario.
Thomas Gertz the CEO is aother crook in this world. He has committed fraud in Dubai (UAE) and has done the same in Djibouti.
Now they are moving to China..hahaha maybe they will fall for them too.
From all the hotels listed on their website only less than a handful are really operated by Bavaria. The rest is just not anymore, or was neer managed by Bavaria International.
It is interesting how people can get away with all this bullshit.
But I guess this is the world....the more you show the more they believe in you even if it is all a hoax.
So they all continue to scam the world and take advantage of other people.
I just hope that someday they will pay for their sinns, dishonesty and what they have done harm to other people.
Now you may think I am just one of those who experienced this with them....
Well I know of a lot of people those guys did harm and I wnated to point out that these people, Kamaj, Gertz etc are bad people and should not be trusted.
Stay safe, stay away from them.....
Awaiting your comments and I will give more insight into Djibouti and Bavaria...